Solar Security Camera Outdoor 2K - WiFi 360° PTZ Camera with 9600mAh Battery

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Brand: K&F Concept
  • K&F Concept surveillance camera solar powered security camera ptz wireless outdoor ip66 waterproof camera features 2K hd video resolution, motion detection and siren, color night vision, 9600mAh battery, solar powered.
  • KF50.0002
  • SKU: KF50.0002
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  • * ☁️【2 Optional storage Way & Privacy Protection】: The wireless outdoor security cameras (new model KFDQ201) can automatically record video to a micro SD card (up to 128G, not included) or cloud storage (7 days free) when motion is detected. Encrypted cloud service ensures your privacy safely. Recorded videos can be replayed via the Cloudedge app and client, without any additional subscription fees.
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Multiple payment options:

Quality Guarantee

Kentfaith items enjoy [Quality Guarantee]. If the item you purchased has quality issues or problems caused by non-users and enjoys "Quality Guarantee", Kentfaith will provide comprehensive after-sales service.

No Reason Return

In order to improve your shopping experience at Kentfaith, the items you purchased (which doesn't apply to giveaways) can be returned for a refund for no reason (such as dislike, wrong purchase, and other non-product quality issues).

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Brand Story
Wireless battery secutity camera with solar panel
Built-in 14400mAh high-capacity battery, solar panel continuously replenishes power
HD Night Vision Trail Camera
Smart Color Night Vision
Smart Color Night Vision
The home security camera with 2 LED lights and HD lens enables sharp colorful night vision up to 33 feet in dark.Secure your family and property even in the dark always.
Two-way conversation and sharing
Two-way conversation and sharing
The K&F solar camera has built-in high-quality speakers and microphones. Even if you are not at home, you can communicate with people in the surveillance area and share with others.
Horizontal and vertical rotation
Horizontal and vertical rotation
Support remote control of the camera rotation through the PTZ function on the APP. You can move the camera left and right/up and down.(Rotate 355° horizontally and 95° vertically.)
Alarm Detection
Alarm Detection
This PTZ battery-powered security camera uses a high-sensitivity PIR motion senso to reduce false alarms, wakes up quickly in 0.2 seconds and stably captures all human movements, significantly reducing false alarms caused by rain and insects. An excellent choice for home protection.
Super Clear Night Trail Camera
PIR motion detection
Outdoor solar cameras equipped with higher sensitivity PIR sensors can accurately capture human movement and reduce false alarms caused by bugs and leaves.
Sound-Light Alarm
Sound-Light Alarm
With the help of AI algorithms, the camera can recognize movement faster, distinguish between people, cars, and pets, and push alarm information.
Cloud and SD Card Storage
Cloud and SD Card Storage
The wireless outdoor camera supports memory and SD card storage (not included, maximum 128G), select one of them for recording and playback.
0.3S Trigger Speed Trail Camera
Supports SD Card and Video Playback
The outdoor camera supports a maximum of 128 GB micro SD card. When the SD card is full, the new recording will overwrite the old recording. You can also play your videos from the app and SD card.
120° Detection Angle
Get remote access anytime, anywhere
Use the free APP to view, playback and download manually recorded videos at any time. You can manage multiple cameras through the same application to easily share with others.
Data Security
Data Security
If you need to save data for a longer period of time, you can also subscribe to a securely encrypted cloud service and enjoy a 7-day free storage discount.
Product numberDQ21
Product colorWhite
Waterproof performanceSupport IP65
Audible alarmsupport
Two-way conversationsupport
Image Sensor1/2.9"CMOS,2MP(GC2063)
Infrared night visionsupport
Night vision distance10M
Video encodingH.264
IntercomBuilt-in microphone, speaker
storeSupport SD card up to 128GB (not included), cloud storage
WIFI802.11 b/g/n
Battery14400mAh / 3.7V
Product Size12.5*11.7*8.6cm
Package dimensions21.6*14.8*12.3cm
product weight619g
Package weight1200g
Package ContentsCamera*1, multi-language manual*1, installation kit*1, solar panel*1
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Good camera with solar power
I've been using the camera for a few weeks now and I'm quite satisfied. The solar panel supplies the battery with enough power. In my case, the solar panel is not exposed directly to the sun or only for a short time and the battery is still 100%.

The image quality is sufficient and the night vision is good for 2-3m. The motion detection works, but could trigger a little faster.

Unfortunately, the management of the recordings only works via the CloudEge app. Therefore, the camera cannot be integrated into any other systems. Anyone who can live with that and has no power supply available at the camera location is well served with the camera.
Very easy to set up and impressive image quality
We have just set up this K&F Concept surveillance camera at my parent’s driveway a few days ago and so far I am very impressed with this little camera! It came in a tiny box packaged with the solar panel, all the needed cables and mounting hardware and an extensive user guide. Setting up the camera was extremely simple and we could mount it beautifully in less than an hour.

Once the camera was mounted, we downloaded the CloudEdge app from the app store. The app showed how to set up the camera and connect to WiFi with simple step-by-step instructions. Within 10 minutes we were moving the camera around with the joystick and changing motion detection settings.

We were very impressed by the image quality, the camera is as good as a smart phone and the wide angle lens covers a huge area so we are overall very happy with it. Even at night, although black and white, the image quality seems to stay just as sharp with the infrared camera.

I put a 16GB MicroSD card in the camera so it can save the recordings, it has been running for a few days now and only used about 400MB storage, I think it uses a very efficient video encoding format. There’s also an option to save the videos in the cloud, I activated the 7 day trial, we’ll see if I end up subscribing, but it would definitely make me feel a lot safer to have a backup of all the recordings in the cloud instead of just on the camera itself!

Overall I think this is an excellent package, the image quality is very impressive, the application has all the features you will ever need and the motion detection works flawlessly. The two way audio is also a handy plus that we will use a lot!
Very easy to set up and impressive image quality Very easy to set up and impressive image quality Very easy to set up and impressive image quality
Great technique
Super easy installation within 20min
Total surveillance possible. Both house fronts with one camera. Image quality impressive. Smallest details recognizable.
It's great that this technique is so inexpensive.
Great technique Great technique
Exceeded my Expectations
After unboxing all the items, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this K&F Concept surveillance camera, very well packaged it was too. The quick start guide was easy to navigate and the whole process took 5 minutes, I first noticed when trying to pair the camera up with my Wifi, was it only operates with 2.4Ghz and mine was a 5G network but also I could easily drop down to the 2.4Ghz on my system. This does not come with a micro SD card and the maximum it accepts is 128G. The card can only be inserted one way and I can see people having difficulty with it as there is no picture in the quick start guide to show you. The app you download basically is your controller, I love the PTZ mode, it gives you the ability to move the camera around on your phone app, and also the motion detection feature can be set for the days you are not home which works perfectly for my situation. The picture quality blew me away and the movement on live mode was super smooth. The solar panel has a decent length of cable attached which allowed me to position it facing south with me living in the northern hemisphere, and the camera is recommended not to face direct sunlight which suited my positioning perfectly. I would strongly advise you to position your camera without fixing in place, you can then go indoors and see the strength of the wifi, mine was indicated at 80% which was very good. Overall this camera ticks all the boxes for me, it has so many features which will have their uses at a later date, for the price this security camera is very competitive with other brands and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Finally I would like to have a time lapse feature incorporated into one of these, it would record some awesome sunrise/sunset footage, just an idea K&F Concept.
Exceeded my Expectations Exceeded my Expectations Exceeded my Expectations
Camera with excellent pictures
This is already my second K&F Concept surveillance camera, the first one I bought in five months in winter and hung it up despite poor lighting conditions, cloudy bad weather, the camera battery was always fully charged.

I also found the connection to the Internet quite pleasant

. The pictures have day and night convinced me and above all that you can pan the camera every time where you need it

. The camera takes photos and videos when there is movement, these can then be saved on a memory card in the device. The camera only does its job if the internet fails

I have fitted my camera with a small hood, why because of the sun when the sun is shining or changing quickly from dark to light, it would otherwise quickly trigger a false alarm. To prevent this, I put this weather protection over it and since then have almost never had a false alarm

. Also the voice playback despite 5 m in the air convinced me I've already surprised a few people with it

. Of course, the camera also has an alarm function via light or sound or both. You can set it during the day or at night. If someone walks through the picture, they will hear loudly that there is a camera hanging there but also switch off again

All in all, the camera convinced me, so I've now bought a second one to be able to cover the rest of the property
Camera with excellent pictures
All in all great
We bought the K&F Concept surveillance camera for the garden. Easy and quick installation. Works perfectly + very good picture quality day and night. The battery charges itself over and over again via the solar panel. The money was worth it.
App, camera and quality are excellent
Who wouldn't want to take the opportunity to look around at home while on the go.

Installation ★★★★★
Simply unpack and connect the camera before any installation and check its function!

Before you unpack the drill and drill the first holes directly, you should think about the position of the camera in advance.
Thus, the camera should only be temporarily attached to the place. In an emergency, it also works if someone simply holds it in the position.
This test is particularly important when the camera is in night mode, since objects that are too close to the camera reflect the light too strongly and the image is ultimately overexposed.

If the right position is found, you have checked several things at the same time.
Day-night mode and its image quality!

What I really like is the color night vision, which also differs from other cameras.

App ★★★★★
The app is really very user-friendly and can be set up quickly and easily. Here you are guided through the setup and the whole thing directly in German.

Once these points have been completed, the camera can now be attached to the wall.

Application ★★★★★
1.The required app can be loaded via a matrix code on the back of the packaging or in the manual or simply in the store
2.Registration is a must
3.The guide in the app makes the complete setup easier and is completed within minutes
5. After the camera is stored in the app, the images are immediately transferred to the app.
6.Insert SD card up to 128GB. These can be ordered separately. Often there is still a home lying around somewhere.

Here you can then also make further settings and configure everything according to your wishes.

Conclusion ★★★★★
You get a very comprehensive surveillance camera with a very clear app
. The setup is incredibly simple.

With an SD card you have the option of recording the camera images. I also really like the fact that you can pan the camera up to 355 degrees and 120 degrees using the app.
Good functional solar camera
I got this solar surveillance camera for the house entrance because I don't have a wired power source there and of course it saved me work :)

What I like very much:
+ Design, camera is kept in a nice white, the solar -Panel has a matte finish.
+ Extremely easy setup, download the app, hold the QR code in front of the camera - done.
+ Selectable night vision function - either invisible infrared LEDs or white LEDs as visible headlights.
+ Push messages (identification of persons) incl. photo / video (storage selectable microSD card or cloud storage)
+ Thanks to built-in motors, the camera can also be swiveled from the cell phone.
+ Good camera image; SD or HD resolution selectable, depending on Internet bandwidth.
+ Good solar panel, fully charges the battery even in the current autumn sun.

What I don't like so much:
- The camera has an intercom function, but for me it had a relatively long delay and also a slight feedback, maybe this can be eliminated with a software update in the future. Since I personally didn't use this function, it still gets 5 stars.
I'm very satisfied
I am very happy with the K&F Concept surveillance camera. The supplied solar panel in particular ensures that the battery life (at least in summer ;)) is really great.
I'm very satisfied I'm very satisfied I'm very satisfied I'm very satisfied
Does what it's supposed to do, good surveillance camera with solar
I bought this camera to monitor my garage driveway and especially with the flexible rotation it is well suited for this area. The picture quality is very good and the night vision function works as it should. You can recognize the people in both modes.
Personally, I don't actively use the floodlight, but it also works when a person is detected.
And now the best: The camera always has enough power thanks to the solar panel, and in the 5 days I used it, the battery was never below 80% - so it shouldn't be a problem even on dark winter days. The only important thing to know is that the camera needs an active WiFi connection to work, which is why you can't turn off the WiFi overnight.

A few small shortcomings that you have to accept with such a good camera are the lack of an RTSP address, no USB C, and unfortunately the camera cannot follow and track people once they have been detected. Maybe something will be added via an app update.

All in all a recommendable surveillance camera
Does what it's supposed to do, good surveillance camera with solar Does what it's supposed to do, good surveillance camera with solar Does what it's supposed to do, good surveillance camera with solar Does what it's supposed to do, good surveillance camera with solar Does what it's supposed to do, good surveillance camera with solar Does what it's supposed to do, good surveillance camera with solar
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Yes, please refer to this video 
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IP66 waterproof rating, can prevent rain but not soak in water 
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Support local storage, the maximum support to install 128GB memory card; support cloud storage (64GB about 15 days) (128GB about 23 days) full automatic coverage, automatic removal. 
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The sound and light alarm refers to: the white light on the camera flashes and an alarm sound is issued to warn the incoming person. 2. The audible and visual alarm needs to be activated on the APP and the PIR is triggered to trigger the audible and visual alarm. 
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KF50.0002 K&F Concet Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera 1080P
Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera
Surveillance Cameras
Video Resolution 2K
Power Supply Method Solar / Built-in Battery
Built-in Battery Capacity 9600mAh
Storage Micro SD/Cloud storage (up to 128 GB)
Pan & Tilt Horizontal 355°/Vertical 120°
Motion Detection PIR
Motion Detection Range 10m/32.8ft
Waterproof IP Rating IP66
Night Vision Color night vision
Night Vision Range 8m/26.2ft
Alarm Method Sound and light alarm
Two-way Talk
Connection Method 2.4GHz wifi
Application CloudEdge
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