100mm Pro Square Filter System with 95mm CPL Filter & 67/72/77/82mm Adapter Rings
Prime Day
Prime Day
  • - 【Original Design-Super-Diameter & Ultra-Slim】K&F Concept Pro Square Filter System won the iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award. Unique Square Filter Frame with 95MM CPL, holder thickness 12mm, easy to take, no light leakage. Effectively reduce the chance of vignetting when using an ultra-wide-angle lens. The ultra-slim frame and a large diameter ensure no vignetting on a wide-angle lens and rear CPL design for convenient installation and removal.
  • - 【CPL Filters Function】Allow you to remove reflections from non-metallic surfaces, such as water and glasses, also in color and contrast enhancement, especially for the blue sky and white clouds.
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