Motorcycle Bluetooth Earphone with 1080P Camera, Bluetooth 5.0, for Motorcycle Helmet 6-Way Motorcycle Communication System, 1000m Intercom Distance, IP65 Waterproof
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  • - [With HD camera] Built in 1080P HD camera, with 120 degree wide-angle lens, you can use this motorcycle Bluetooth headset to record and capture unforgettable moments in your cycling life. The camera's WIFI function allows you to view videos and pictures on your phone, with a maximum of 7 hours of cyclic video recording;
  • - The motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headphone communication system supports real-time communication between 6 riders, with a maximum distance of up to 1000 meters, making it easy for motorcycle enthusiasts to share real-time updates;
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Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with 2K Camera 6 Riders Intercom 2000m Range Kentfaith
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  • - 【A “Gopro” & Dash Cam】With a 2K 30fps HD Sony camera, our Bluetooth helmet headset preserves your journey in stunning detail, from scenic views to your heroic stance. But it's more than just a memory maker—it's your guardian angel that records vital evidence in accidents. The built-in gravity sensor detects sudden impacts and instantly locks the footage, ensuring it's never overwritten and readily available when you need it most.
  • - 【No Wind Noise, Hear Every Detail】Thanks to the latest CVC 8.0 noise cancellation that filters out 99% of background noise, you can hear every word loud and clear, even at speeds of 120km/h, whether taking calls or communicating with your fellow riders.While the 40mm large speakers deliver rich, detailed audio, bringing your music to life. Feel the pulse of the bass and get rid of boredom during long rides!
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Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom, Bluetooth 5.1 motorcycle earphone, with CVC noise reduction and FM radio function, capable of 4 riders talking simultaneously within the 1500M range (1 set)
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  • - 【 4-group intercom 】 Using an upgraded version of Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.1 chip, EJEAS V4 Plus can achieve smoother and more stable data transmission. Supports up to 4 simultaneous paired calls, with an open area intercom range of up to 1500m (distance of 4 sets);
  • - The V4 Plus motorcycle Bluetooth earphones use advanced CVC noise reduction technology to reduce call echoes and background noise. Paired with Hi Fi speakers, the sound you hear is more three-dimensional, clear, and stable;
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Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom headset, built-in WiFi, with 1080P camera, supporting 6 riders with 1000M intercom communication system
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  • - Motorcycle Bluetooth earphones with camera: The motorcycle camera is equipped with an intelligent noise reduction 120 degree wide-angle high-definition 1080P camera, which clearly records exciting moments. The WI-FI function allows you to view videos and pictures recorded on the motorcycle intercom through your phone;
  • - 【 6-way intercom 1000 meter connection 】 The motorcycle helmet camera earphones support wireless communication for 6 riders up to 1000 meters. Bluetooth 5.0 provides stable connection and can connect 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, so you won't miss any calls while listening to music;
A$262.49 A$209.99
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