• - Three light colour modes & infinitely dimmable: white, yellow and warm light, three levels of free switching adjustment. Rotating infinitely dimmable, the light intensity, free control, different colour temperature and brightness, to meet different scenes, use more sense of atmosphere.
  • - Highly transparent soft light shade: selected optical soft light shade, providing a more diffuse light, illuminating every square foot of the surrounding area, up to 20 feet in all directions. Bright but not harsh, the light is soft for greater comfort and eye protection.
A$68.99 A$56.00
  • - Two-way lighting & dual colour temperature: front light with a total of 48*2 wicks, high-definition lighting, even light. Rear light about 24lm/㎡, soft light, reduce eyeglass fatigue. Innovative front and rear double-sided light design, no dark corners at the front and rear, supports dual colour temperature switching, different environments render different atmospheres, adding a mood to camping.
  • - Three levels of brightness adjustment: the choice of material mask with high light transmission rate, softer light and clearer light transmission. Independent button control for front and rear lights, clear operation, three levels of brightness can be adjusted, according to the needs of indoor and outdoor environment, brightness control at any time.
A$80.05 A$69.99
  • - [Folding Lampshade Design ]Folding 4-leaf design with 4 90° adjustable angle light leaves, allowing the light direction to be changed at will to avoid looking directly at or affecting others, while allowing the hanging light to shine more widely and illuminate a larger area.
  • - [4 light modes ]The camping light has 4 light modes, warm warm light, soft cool white light, long range cool white light or flashing red light. Dual effect mode: torch light, illumination light, quick and easy to switch between. Free choice for different environments, ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing or late night porch lighting.
A$96.73 A$84.99
  • - Spotlight mode torch: with a strong, long-range light, multi-position adjustment, can be used to cope with different natural environments, whether it is walking lighting, outdoor search, camping tent internal lighting, distress signals in crisis situations, etc., the torch can easily handle.
  • - Wireless speaker: not only a camping light, but also a wireless speaker. 360° acoustic structure design, high quality wireless audio link, free Bluetooth connection for mobile phones within 5 metres, you can hear the wonderful surround sound no matter where you put it. Providing lighting for your outdoor camping while enjoying the joy of music.
A$153.99 A$127.99
Outdoor Camp Lighting Telescopic & Collapsible with Bluetooth Speaker 14000mAh Battery Kentfaith
20% OFF
  • - 【Telescopic & Collapsible in 3 Forms】: Buy 1 Kentfaith outdoor camper light and get 3lighting solutions in 1 build! When fully folded, it fits into your palm and you can grasp it as a flashlight to guide your night walking. Open the pop-out magnetic base, it becomes a stylish desk lamp, casting a warm glow over your picnic table or workspace. Need to light up your entire campsite? Simply extend the pole(max 43.3 inches), and voila! You now have a powerful floor lamp that illuminates your entire outdoor space!
  • - 【Built-in Speaker, Party Anywhere】Bring the party with you! Our camp tent lighting is packed with a Bluetooth 5.1 speaker, offering a stable connection with your device within 10m/33ft. You can get lost in the rhythm with a capturing deep stereo sound whenever you like. What’s more, it also features a color-changing RGB mode, bringing the mood for what you have going on.
A$171.24 A$136.99
  • - Detachable design: the camping fan light can be detached into a camping light, tripod and fan, both the fan and light have their own separate connections and can be powered up separately for use, very easy to carry and store.
  • - Camping fan with hooks & versatile placement: the camping fan light has hooks for hanging it from a tent, tree branch or car, for both cooling and lighting. Also comes with a sturdy tripod and is fitted with non-slip soft plastic under the feet, so it can also simply be placed on a table at home or in the office. Lightweight, handy, mini size making it easy to carry or store.
A$198.99 A$165.99
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